Drinking Water Meeting Point

		Goldener Wasserhahn
		SHK+E ESSEN 2024_Gelaendeplan mit Sonderflaechen

Supplying consumers with drinking water of impeccable quality is the result of using high-quality products as well as innovative services. But the requirements are constantly growing: increased customer awareness and changing framework conditions, such as climate change and the resulting increase of legionella in cold water or the topic of energy efficiency and hygiene.

Together with figawa, SHK+E ESSEN 2024 again offers a platform: Meeting Point Drinking Water in Hall 6. Exhibitors present their innovative approaches and intelligent products.

subject areas

  • Water meter and metering
  • water treatment
  • Disinfection of drinking water and drinking water installations
  • Laboratory service providers and consultants
  • Measurement and analysis technology
  • legionella prophylaxis
  • corrosion protection
  • Pipelines and fittings

Participating exhibitors