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Electric heat pumps are of great importance for the energy transition, as they can be operated with "green" electricity via photovoltaics and wind power. Viega supports the use of these heat generators with coordinated "Fonterra" surface temperature control systems that work with a low flow temperature. In order to achieve maximum energy efficiency in existing buildings too, Viega has developed the "Fonterra Smart Control" and "Fonterra Heat Control" individual room control systems. They provide comfortable room heating according to demand. At the same time, they ensure permanent hydronic balancing of the heating circuits, even if no system data is available. This reduces energy consumption by up to 20 percent.
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While the heating market has tended to take center stage over the past two years, the refurbishment business, in particular the renovation of bathrooms, is currently developing much more positively for the specialist trade. This is because most bathrooms in this country are on average 25 to 30 years old, so a complete renovation is urgently needed. With the "Prevista Dry" and "Prevista Dry Plus" drywall systems, Viega offers a pre-wall range that makes such renovation work particularly economical and flexible.
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The "Temponox" press connector system from Viega is a particularly economical and safe solution for closed heating and cooling systems in multi-storey residential buildings or in industrial environments. Based on current fire protection tests by the Braunschweig Materials Testing Office (MPA), these pipes can now be insulated with mineral wool in accordance with the general building inspectorate test certificate P-2400/003/015-MPA-BS and the associated Viega fire protection documents. This means that even a simple combination with flammable drainage, distribution or electrical pipes is now possible with zero clearance for acceptance. This reduces installation costs because expensive insulation shells no longer need to be used. It also saves space in the shaft layout.
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With the "AquaVip electronic shower unit", Viega is presenting a fitting for public sanitary facilities for the first time. It can be individually programmed via an app, for example to help maintain the quality of drinking water in existing systems by means of hygienic flushing if there is a risk of stagnation. When developing the "AquaVip electronic shower unit", many other functional benefits for public shower facilities were also taken into account. These include protection against vandalism, simple plug-and-play installation, easy cleaning and, last but not least, a high level of convenience for users.
Photographer: Viega

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In everything we do we are connected in quality. This is not something new, but has been our leitmotif since the company was founded 120 years ago with the vision to revolutionise installation technology. With over 4,700 employees, we have progressed to become a world market leader – while remaining a family-owned company that sets its own standards. This is how we ensure quality ‘made in Germany’ and products of the highest grade, worldwide. 
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