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Sotin eco-N2 - the only compact nitrogen vessel filler system for diaphragm expansion vessels

Sotin eco-N2 - the only compact nitrogen vessel filler system for diaphragm expansion vessels

Sotin eco-N2 - the only compact nitrogen filling system for membrane expansion vessels with integrated, replaceable, refillable pressurized gas cylinder.
Climate-friendly inside, because nitrogen.
Climate-friendly outside, because refillable.

·         ready to use and easy to use

·         can be used from -20 degree to +60 degree, does not need to be brought to room temperature

·         can also be left in the car over the winter

·         rapid, due to high filling pressure (20 seconds to increase a 35 l MAG by 0.5 bar, a conventional can takes approximately four minutes)

·         it can also be used for membrane expansion vessels for solar and potable water systems

·         non-flammable and safe to handle

·         climate-friendly

·         the pressurised gas cylinder is refillable

·         economical and highly efficient (a 35 l membrane expansion vessel can be increased by 0.5 bar 8x, with a conventional can approximately two times)

·         also suitable for large membrane expansion vessels

·         100 per cent Made in Germany. Can be repaired and maintained even years after the warranty has expired.

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Sotin eco-N2 - Das einzige kompakte Stickstoff-Füllsystem für Membranausdehnungsgefäße. Klimafreundlich innen, weil Stickstoff. Klimafreundlich außen, weil Mehrweg! • sofort einsatzbereit & einfach anwendbar • einsetzbar von -20°C – +60°C, muss nicht auf Raumtemperatur gebracht werden • kann auch im Winter im Auto verbleiben • schnell durch hohen Fülldruck (20 Sek. um ein 35 l MAG um 0,5 bar zu erhöhen, eine herkömmliche Dose benötigt ca. 4 Min.) • auch für Solar- und Trinkwasser-MAG einsetzbar • unbrennbar & sicher • Druckgasbehälter wieder befüllbar • wirtschaftlich & hochergiebig (ein 35 l MAG kann 8x um 0,5 bar erhöht werden, mit einer herkömmlichen Dose ca. 2x) • auch für große MAGs geeignet • 100% Made in Germany. Kann auch noch Jahre nach Garantieablauf repariert und gewartet werden.
Das Profi-Regal mit der Grundbestückung für die umfassende Heizkesselreinigung! - Für alle üblichen Materialien. - Für Verschmutzungen aller Art. - Für jeden Anwendungsbereich. Ablagerungsfreie Heizsysteme sparen bis zu 20% Energie ein.
Die Spezialisten für öl- und gasbetriebene Brennkammern und Wärmetauscher aus Edelstahl und Alu-Silizium. Ablagerungsfreie Heizsysteme sparen bis zu 20% Energie ein.
Das Sotin-eco-N2-Gefäßfüll-System wurde schon mehrfach für seine Nachhaltigkeit und Klimafreundlichkeit ausgezeichnet. Nun werden auch die Druckgasflaschen dieser Auszeichnung gerecht. Die Flaschen müssen nicht mehr über die Altmetallsammlung dem Recycling zugeführt werden. Vielmehr werden sie nun aufbereitet und wieder befüllt Die Kosten für den Rückversand trägt Sotin. Neben der Umwelt und dem Klima (kein energieintensives Einschmelzen des Stahls, deutlich weniger neue Rohlinge, eingesparter knapper Rohstoff) profitiert auch der Rücksender vom neuen Mehrwegsystem. Pro zurückgeschickter Flasche werden 1 € + MwSt. von Sotin vergütet. Dies entspricht aktuell dem vierfachen Wert des Altmetalls. Detaillierte Infos hierüber unter
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Adjusting the pressure in a membrane expansion vessel with the Sotin eco-N2 vessel filling system with pure, climate-neutral nitrogen

Adjusting the pressure in a membrane expansion vessel with the Sotin eco-N2 vessel filling system with pure, climate-neutral nitrogen
Hall 3 Stand 3A36
03/19/2024 09:00 - 17:00
03/20/2024 09:00 - 17:00
03/21/2024 09:00 - 17:00
03/22/2024 09:00 - 15:00

Whether you want to increase or decrease the pressure in the expansion vessel, the Sotin eco-N2 vessel filling system allows you to set the desired pressure in the expansion vessel very conveniently, quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

We will be happy to give you a personal demonstration at our stand at any time during the trade fair!

Company news

NEW! The Sotin-eco-N2 pressurized gas cylinder now in a reusable system.

NEW! The Sotin-eco-N2 pressurized gas cylinder now in a reusable system.

The Sotin-eco-N2 cylinder filling system has already received several awards for its sustainability and climate friendliness. Now the compressed gas cylinders also live up to this distinction.

Previously, the cylinders were sent for recycling via scrap metal collection. However, melting down the steel is known to be very energy-intensive. As of last year, the used cylinders can be technically reprocessed and thus used as reusable cylinders. The advantage of this is that significantly fewer new blanks have to be produced, thus saving a great deal of energy and scarce raw material.

And the craftsman as the end consumer also benefits from the new reusable system. For each returned bottle, he receives €1 + VAT from Sotin. This currently corresponds to four times the value of the scrap metal.

To return the bottles, simply request a return link from Sotin, then print out the return label and send the bottles to Sotin together with the return slip. Upon receipt of the empty bottles, the corresponding amount will be transferred or donated to the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, if this option was ticked on the return slip.

Company profile

Energy efficiency, the greatest unused energy source!

That is why at Sotin we specialize in cleaning the combustion side of heating systems, as well as decalcification of water systems and heating systems, because the energy efficiency of the installed equipment and piping decreases with increasing time of use due to permanently progressing contamination. Where combustion takes place, there is always dirt and residues. These residues are responsible for the decline in energy efficiency. Even a few millimeters of deposits in the combustion chambers reduce heat transfer many times over. As a result, the consumption of the combustible material increases by up to 20%. You can only achieve the desired energy efficiency with clean systems.

For more than 45 years, we have been successfully and innovatively developing chemical products that cover all the needs of the heating and plumbing trade. We are the market leader in the German specialist wholesale trade and have the enormous advantage of being able to supply everything from a single source. Our products are optimally matched to each other and offer users perfect complete solutions that are characterized by high efficiency and ease of use. The satisfaction of our customers as well as a very high quality standard are enormously important to us. This is ensured by the permanent development of our products in a laboratory equipped with the latest technology as well as by regular batch control. Our suppliers come from the EU area, whose quality is legally regulated by strict standards.

In the meantime, our team consists of about 40 highly qualified employees, who all see themselves as team players. Thus, the atmosphere in our company is familiar and characterized by a fair cooperation - first-class prerequisite for a highly motivated and committed interaction with our customers.

Our company supports Germany as a business location; we develop our products in our own laboratory, do not relocate production to low-wage countries and thus secure the future of our jobs. For us it is important to give Germany a perspective, to take responsibility for our employees and to secure the future of our offspring.

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