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Products and innovations

FUTURA: The multi-energy infrared system

FUTURA: The multi-energy infrared system

FUTURA is the future that starts today. A world first that helps you shape the energy revolution. Safe. Reliable. With pioneering functions. In addition to the ability to switch highly efficiently between current and future energy sources, the new infrared heating system combines the heat supply with the lighting of your hall buildings. Intelligent, functional and economical. With green electricity. With green H2. With gas. With (future) security.

Electrons or molecules? FUTURA can do both.
What energies will we use to heat our halls tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow? And in 2045? It doesn't matter. Because regardless of whether green hydrogen or electricity determines the future, FUTURA can do both. And more: the innovative infrared heating system also uses biogas, natural gas or liquid gas and allows you to switch variably between the energy sources. In mono mode or in a mix. Depending on which energy is currently available or particularly cost-effective for you. This provides security of supply and stabilizes the grids. The energy transition? It can come.

Product range

MAXIMA E-Hybrid - high efficiency meets green energy.

MAXIMA E-Hybrid - high efficiency meets green energy.

MAXIMA is the high-efficiency indoor heating system with infrared. Open for green electricity and made for the energy transition. As a classic version, as an e-hybrid or as a retrofit kit.

High efficiency meets green energy.
Compact, dynamic, powerful: the high-performance infrared heater maximizes our highest radiation efficiency to a fascinating 80 percent. Now the highly efficient hall heating system can do even more: an additional plus of 10 kW electrical power from green PV or grid power as an option. The new MAXIMA E-Hybrid line thus stands for maximum efficiency in energy-efficient refurbishment. For regenerative energy sources. And for your investment-safe path into the future of heating technology.

Company profile

KÜBLER GmbH is an internationally active group of companies and is regarded as a pioneer and innovation leader in modern infrared heating technology. The core business is the development and production of highly efficient premium technologies for energy-saving and climate-friendly hall heating. KÜBLER offers an exceptionally wide range of products for almost all types of halls and room environments.
Founded in 1989, the group of companies employs over 120 people and is one of the leading companies in the industry in Europe with locations in Ludwigshafen, Dresden, Hagen, Hamburg, Prague (Czech Republic) and Fegyvernek (Hungary) as well as numerous foreign agencies and a nationwide service network.

KÜBLER products and development services regularly receive awards. National and international awards include the Federal Prize for Outstanding Innovative Achievements from the Federal Ministry of Economics, the Bavarian State Prize, the German Sustainability Prize and the Innovation Prize from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. KÜBLER is one of the 2021 Hidden Champions in the Palatinate and has been nominated for the BMWK's "IKU - The Climate and Environment Innovation Award" in 2022. KÜBLER wins several prestigious awards for its innovative heating technology, the FUTURA multi-energy IR system: in 2022 the special prize "Innovative Technologies for Climate Protection" in the ISB's SUCCESS technology competition, in 2023 the Innovation Award of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate (for the fourth time), the German Innovation Award in the category "Winner Excellence in Business to Business Energy Solutions" and the FOCUS Special Mention at the FOCUS OPEN design award. In 2024, FUTURA received the highest recognition at the PLUS X Award in the five categories of innovation, high quality, design, user-friendliness and functionality.