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Mr. Slawomir Chelminski
Products and innovations

Pressure and flow controller for EC and AC fans

The most reliable and user-friendly controllers for all EC and single-phase AC fans.

They are perfect wherever you need to regulate the fan speed - control the flow or pressure in the ventilation duct, when regulating the pressure in airlocks and in collective ventilation systems in residential buildings.

Smooth speed adjustment of all fans, including AC.

Built in intelligent adaptive algorithm. No more PID tuning.

Low pressure measurements with superb accuracy and no offset drift.

The fastest commissioning using NFC based mobile app. 

Stand events

Pressure and flow controllers for EC and AC fans - presentation

Pressure and flow controllers for EC and AC fans - presentation
Hall 1 Stand 1D11.7
03/21/2024 13:40 - 15:00

During these hours, you can watch the product presentation with originator and inventor of the control system

Company profile

We are Innovation Vent and for 7 years we have been the one-stop shop for control units for inverter-based pressure differential systems (1,100), controllers for fire ventilation systems (4,000) and flow and pressure controllers (25,000).

We have two main products:EC-1000 - pressure and flow rate controller
for EC fans and AC-1000 for AC fans. See You soon!