Anton Hargassner Str. 1
AT 4952 Weng
Ms. Petra Kainhofer

Company profile

Hargassner has pioneered eco-friendly heating systems since the company was established in 1984. This pioneering spirit remains unabated and our aim to be on top still persists to this day.

For the sake of our environment
We are proud of more than 38 years of experience and of thousands of satisfied clients. Customer satisfaction combined with environmental friendliness are primary goals of our philosophy and are the main attributes, which determine a successful path into the company’s future.

The Hargassner brand
Lowest emissions by highest efficiency, maximum comfort and long lifetime characterise the brand HARGASSNER. Yet, we do not hesitate to scrutinise proven elements of our products to launch better products tomorrow. The emphasis on research and quality management is our modern understanding of tradition.


The extension to the production hall started at the beginning of 2021. The location in Weng will be expanded by 18.000 m². The boiler production will gradually be increased to 25,000 per year.

Hargassner offers its clients and interested parties a manufacturing base with over 54,000 m², including a large-scale R&D department and a training centre for service and installation staff all over the world.

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