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GeoCollect GmbH is the manufacturer of a geothermal heat absorber module, which realizes a kW extraction capacity in strings of 10 pieces on about 7 m².

Due to the consequent realization of this thin-layer, two-dimensional and turbulent flow heat exchanger, significantly higher extraction capacities are realized in the ground than would be possible with pipe physics. This optimal heat exchanger physics in combination with a vertical installation position enables an average extraction performance of 142.61 W/m² at 2000 full load hours per year.

With an installation depth of 1.50 m and a lateral installation distance of min. 70 cm to each other, the GeoCollect absorber is able to make greater use of the solidification heat released by icing than other systems, as it regenerates much faster than other known systems. This makes the GeoCollect ground absorber a hybrid between classic ground collectors and ice storage. Of course, the strong use of the solidification heat requires that the backfill material has a capillary structure so that volume changes in the soil do not affect the surface. The design of the GeoCollect geothermal heat absorber system is such that coalescence of ice formation is excluded.

Unlike many other ground heat collectors, the GeoCollect ground heat absorber system is a quite efficient source of passive cooling during the summer months. A cooling capacity of 1 kW per absorber string can be accessed for over 500 cooling hours per season.

The individual absorber strings are connected in parallel via a brine manifold. Hydraulic balancing is performed by means of a flow limiter in the manifold shaft.

The GeoCollect geothermal absorber system can generally also be used in zone III drinking water and medicinal spring protection areas. In case of high groundwater levels, the installation of an additional natural sealing layer (bentonite mats) may be prescribed.

For a general assessment of whether the property area is sufficient for the absorber system, it can be roughly assumed that one third of the building area to be heated is sufficient for standard installation. Installation in two levels is possible and reduces the required plot area to one sixth of the building area to be heated.

Under special conditions, it is also possible to build over the absorber field. For example, if the field is built over with infiltration-capable paving (e.g. parking lot, driveway), care must be taken to ensure that the paving has a permanent permeability of 270 l/s*ha and that the open-pored concrete to be placed underneath it as a base layer has a Kf value > 10h-4 m/s.

If the pavement is covered with sealed surfaces, including under buildings, it is essential that the system is moistened by rainwater drainage in drainage pipes and solar thermal or other regeneration.

Further information can be found in the download area at, or you can request it by e-mail via info@geocollect.

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