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Company profile

EasyTec is the professional and proven software solution for companies in the fields of home and building technology, technical facility management, leak detection, building drying, plant construction and tank service.

EasyTec is based on the decades of experience of our employees to implement IT solutions in the plumbing, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical sectors. Hardly any other solution can map the specific industry requirements as precisely and in detail as EasyTec.

EasyTec focuses on the core competencies of the industry without neglecting the financial needs of a business. The software package bundles the competencies for processing, financial accounting as well as payroll accounting. EasyTec archive offers a perfect complement and extension.

In addition, the stand-alone solution EasyTec Servicemanagement enables a complete settlement in the commercial and technical area.

Together with our customers, we guarantee that EasyTec - today as in the future - will remain a current, stable, flexible and above all secure and efficient industry solution.

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