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Sound enclosures for quiet heat pump operation

Sound enclosures for quiet heat pump operation

The new eSILENT acoustic enclosures from ATEC can be adapted to any heat pump or outdoor air conditioning system. Their big advantage: depending on the model, they reduce the noise level by 14 dB(A), or up to 25 dB(A) on request. Just 10 dB(A) means that the sound you hear is halved. What's more, the sophisticated design means that installation is quick and easy.

The new manufacturer-independent acoustic enclosures from ATEC help to utilise heat pumps in sound-sensitive environments. They are available to fit many appliances and are suitable for new and existing buildings for
single and multi-family homes as well as commercial buildings.

The air openings for supply and exhaust air are also designed specifically for the system. Inside the bonnets are separator plates - they prevent short circuits between the supply air and exhaust air flows. This means that the fans can take in or blow out air unhindered, even without a bonnet, and the performance of the appliance remains unchanged.

The side walls and the roof are lined on the inside with acoustic insulation panels that are protected against the effects of dirt and moisture. The walls in the area of the air inlet and outlet are solid sound insulation baffles also made of this damping material.


The steel of the entire acoustic enclosure is sealed with the high-quality ZM310 coating (zinc, 3.5% Al, 3% Mg), which provides high corrosion protection of corrosivity category C4H. This innovative surface is produced in a hot-dip process by alloying magnesium and aluminium in a zinc bath and has self-healing corrosion protection on cut surfaces and is even resistant to sea air. The acoustic enclosure can be painted in all RAL colours on request. The base colour of the ZM310 surface is similar to RAL 9023, but this natural surface darkens when exposed to the elements.

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ATEC Abgastechnologie in Neu Wulmstorf south of Hamburg supplies installation-friendly solutions in the heating sector. From flue gas systems for oil, methanol and gas condensing boilers or CHP units to heat pumps and low-temperature radiators to sound problem solutions such as acoustic bonnets.

The air/water heat pumps of the eHEAT series open up an efficient path to heat supply, ideally in a hybrid solution. Space-saving design, quiet operation and an integrated buffer tank make them ideal retrofit units for existing buildings.

Due to ever closer housing developments, even the quietest heat pumps are sometimes still too noisy. Hedges or wooden enclosures can provide a visual remedy, but our sound enclosures are the better solution for noise reduction. Now you can also configure and enquire yourself:

Many heat pumps require a low flow temperature. Since panel heating systems are very difficult to retrofit in existing buildings, our low-temperature radiators are the ideal solution. The replacement effort is low and the operation is simple.