Hanliköy Mah, Eskisehir C No: 93 B1
TR 54850 Arifiye SAKARYA

Company profile

The Akgün Group of Companies, a prominent business conglomerate in Türkiye, has a successful history that dates back to its modest start in 1925 when it initially entered the field of brick manufacturing. From its inception, the Akgün Group of Companies has remained committed to investing in industries that depend on the utilization of natural resources. This unwavering focus has been instrumental in driving its impressive growth to this day. 

Currently, the Akgün Group of Companies proudly employs a large workforce of 5,000 individuals, operates an extensive network of 17 factories and exports their products to 54 countries. The main export destinations of the Akgün Group of Companies include countries such as America, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, various countries in Africa, the Middle East, and neighboring regions. Due to its distinguished reputation, strong brand image, extensive expertise, and profound understanding of the Turkish market, the Akgün Group of Companies has thrived in its core sectors, emerging as a pivotal driving force in advancing the Turkish economy. The subsidiaries of the Akgün Group operate in various sectors, including construction materials, automotive, insurance, logistics, and